Trane systems used all over the globe

Trane products are trusted in some of the most famous places around the world. For these tourist attractions, choosing a heating and cooling system is a very important decision, just as it is for you. They need reliability, durability and energy efficiency, and they chose Trane.

Yes, there is. Millions of tourists experience the reliable comfort that Trane delivers every year. As a matter of fact, Trane equipment and systems can be found in more than half of all commercial buildings in North America.

In addition to making people comfortable, conditioned air is essential to the operations of our customers in high-tech manufacturing, hospitals, food processing and many other industries. Trane is a world leader in providing systems, services and solutions responsive to all these modern realities, while delivering maximum energy efficiency. We’re big when it comes to heating and cooling big buildings.

As a leader in green building technology, Trane custom designs building heating and cooling systems that operate with maximum energy efficiency. This is what customers want and the environment needs. Our commitment to clean air extends from the air people breathe in our customers’ buildings to the air those buildings emit into the atmosphere.


Worldwide, Trane delivers reliable indoor comfort to some well-known buildings like the historic La Scala Theatre in Milan, Italy; the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Greece; and the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. And while important places like these trust their comfort to Trane, your home is just as important to us. Other places include:

  • Australian Stock Exchange – Melbourne, Australia
  • The Entertainment Centre – Sydney, Australia
  • GE Technology Center – Bangalore, India
  • International Airport – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sea World – Orlando, Florida.
  • Skydome – Toronto, Canada
  • Washington Monument – Washington, D.C.
  • Saint Louis Arch – St. Louis, Missouri
  • McCormick Place Convention Center – Chicago, Illinois.
  • World Trade Center – Beijing, China

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